European Pulse Plating Seminar
From fundamentals to industrial application

The seminar

The European Pulse Plating Seminar is a platform for all who work on the field of surface finishing, plating, anodizing or electrochemical surface treatment and are interested in the method pulse plating or are already using pulse plating. Within this forum, possibilities, applications and developments in the field of pulse plating are presented and discussed by Europe’s’ leading experts. Information about rectifier technology and industrial application of pulse plating will complete the conference.

The idea to the conference developed from a great general interest on the method pulse plating and its applications and a lack of a European discussion platform. Dr. Wolfgang Hansal, former CEO of Happy Plating and working on this topic for almost a decade, decided to organize a conference dedicated to pulse plating in 2006.

The topics

  • Fundamentals needed for the development of a pulse sequence
  • Realisation of pulse plating processes in the industrial production
  • Pulse Plating for alloy deposition
  • New coatings: Sustaining production due to pulse plating
  • Optimisation of pulse plating processes by numeric process simulation
  • High precision, high performance coatings for the micro system technology
  • Pulse plating in non aqueous solutions
  • Technical applications of pulse plating
  • The future role of pulse plating for surface finishing

The method

Pulse plating as alternative to direct current plating is gaining more and more importance in industrial production. This became possible due to a knowledge based process development und faster and more flexible pulse rectifiers.

Pulse Plating can decrease the average grain size of a metal coating by orders of magnitude down to nano-crystallinity. The resulting layers provide improved properties such as a higher hardness, better wear resistance and homogeneity, a higher density and corrosion stability. A reduction of the required raw materials is a direct benefit of these advanced layer properties even at a lower layer thickness.

New applications in the fields of high precision coatings and high performance materials can be realised by the proper use of pulse plating.

Next seminar:

To be announced.